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[@Luke][AU] Deviations


Tear wanted to apologize first, Luke told his other. Thought I’d let her… I overheard your conversation, so I thought we’d go ahead and do this so you guys had more time.

Of course it meant that, yes, they would run into Natalia first… Luke was hoping to convince her to keep watching over Mother… he’d caught Asch’s… nervousness? He couldn’t quite tell what it was, but it wasn’t anything he’d heard from Asch before… then again he hadn’t met Asch before Choral Castle at all.

Knowing Natalia, she might insist on going back anyway, mainly because it’s ‘royal business’…  There’s no telling with her.

Just try to hurry, I don’t know how long I can keep them in the manor… I know they’ll want to get a tour, at least, but Ion’s eager to get the letter delivered already, and I think Jade is too…

Hopefully they’ll let him know when they’re ready… He hid a grin upon imagining Van’s reaction when he sees his older self. Now that would be priceless.

…By the way. Let me know what Van’s reaction is when he sees you.

…Yeah, his older self probably forgot about that.

‘You don’t need to wait for my permission to take care of things.’ He mentally sighed, shaking his head. He really had been like a lost child back then, hadn’t he? Always waiting for instruction and direction. ‘Go ahead to the castle and initiate, there’ll be plenty of time as Jade and Ion need to discuss politics with his Majesty. Besides, any more stalling and Jade will be even more suspicious of you.’

With that, Luke clamped the mental link shut. He’d apologize to his other later on for blocking him out, but he needed to concentrate on this task at hand to make sure that everything would go right. This was vital, and having an ever curious, younger version of himself hanging over his shoulder wondering about his every move would serve to only derail his concentration.

The two of them slid up the stairs and waited until there was a clearing in the kitchen before dashing out. Given how predictable the guard posts and rotations were, it wasn’t exactly all that difficult to move from the kitchens to the west wing. Now was where things got interesting; the guards were stationary, so there was no sneaking past them. “We stun them.” he stated, and Asch sneered.

“They’ll eventually wake up.”

“Killing leaves blood trails and bodies. If you kill them, then you’re going to have to play the part to Van, not me. I can’t explain corpses to him.”

“Fine!” he drew his sword, storming off toward the unsuspecting guard to impale him with his weapon. Within mere moments, potential enemies were felled and corpses littered the hall. Luke sighed very heavily, shaking his head, as Asch then headed for the stairway that lead into the dungeons.

“I’ll be up here then.” he called out as Asch disappeared from his line of sight.


Van had heard a bit of the commotion from upstairs, and was curious to know just exactly what would rile the guards up, but then everything had gone silent. Then he heard footsteps, and Yulia be damned he had never expected Asch to show up here of all places. “Asch?” he blinked, not entirely sure if he believed it.

“We were setting up the Fon Master’s kidnapping and received word that you had been wrongfully imprisoned.” he jammed the edge of his sword against the lock, breaking it off. “Legretta demanded I come get you.”

“You willingly came to Baticul, the palace no less, to break me out of the dungeons?” Asch then swung open the door for him. 

“Largo and Sync are already en route to the ruins, and Legretta is issuing commands to the Oracle Knights. I’m far from happy to be back here.” he spat, crossing his arms as Van then gave him a very stern look.

“Why did you order Arietta to attack the Kaitzur port?”

“Let’s discuss this when we’re out of Baticul.” Van shook his head, holding his hand up.

“I need to stay. The charges that they have against me are false, and they provide no incriminating evidence. Besides, soon it’ll be the time where that replica will fulfill your role in the Score. You being here endangers that, you must leave if you are to survive.”

“I heard the guard mention execution for treason against the crown.” Asch lied straight through his teeth. “You can’t stay here.”

“I see… that is unfortunate, though they cannot condemn me to death without a trial, and as I am a member of the Oracle Knights, it would be a trial conducted by the courts in the Order of Lorelei. Fon Master Ion would have to be involved, as would both of the Grand Maestros.”

“-It was a valiant effort, Asch, but this is getting us nowhere.” Luke rolled his eyes, emerging from stairway with a frown on his face. “And here I was hoping that this would be easy, silly me. We’ll just have to do this the old fashioned way…”

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[@Luke][AU] Deviations


The younger replica had a small smile on his face from his older version’s praise from earlier, although he kept it small as though he was glad to be back rather then a huge grin. He was supposed to be all angry and all… a lot like from what he’d gathered about their original, actually.

Kinda funny, he’d been acting a lot like his original without realizing it all this time… Maybe they were similar in a few ways?

…If Asch heard him actually saying that, he’d probably try to kill him.

Nevertheless, he was glad to be back, although he wanted anything but to be stuck in the manor again. Maybe now they’d let him run around? Guess he’d find out soon enough.

The first place he and Tear went was to his mother, Suzanne, even though she wasn’t his real mother and he now knew it, he still considered her as such, so Tear could apologize for abducting him, even if it was by accident. Getting told what he had at Choral Castle, though, made him rethink a lot of things.

At least he was glad Van was arrested, although he almost raised hell—for appearances, of course—when Van was being arrested, Van reassuring him, and wanting to talk to him at some point.

….That made Luke’s stomach tighten to the point he felt like he was going to throw up, and he was glad when Van was taken away.

The one thing he did dread was what people were going to think of him and the other two when they did finally reveal themselves, and the fact that Luke wasn’t acting like he had been before Choral Castle, mainly because he’d been told about everything then.

So even with knowing he was just created to die, the fact that he was still alive despite it had him smiling faintly when he watched Tear with his mother.

“How curious,” Luke started as he quirked his brow. Asch let out an annoyed growl and shot yet another glare over his way. The two of them had been on their hands and knees in a rather confined space, sneaking into the castle’s dungeons in a very…. roundabout way (there was a crack in the castle’s back wall hidden by a thick shrub that lead to the cellar). No sense in taking the direct route which would only raise alarm.

“What is it now?”

“They went to the manor first… Well, that just means that they bought us some more time.” he continued his crawl forwards through the passageway.

“Is that unusual or something?” he grunted, finding that crawling over jagged stone was not exactly the most comfortable.

“Normally we’d head to the castle first for Ion’s sake.” Luke found the end of their tunnel, feeling a thick slat of wood covering up their means of entrance. He pressed his palms up against it and pushed, slowly moving the heavy object out of the way. They emerged into the castle’s wine cellar, and Asch took a moment to dust his uniform off.

“We’re below the kitchens.” he pointed out and Luke raised his brows, a bit surprised.

“I’m impressed. It’s been more than seven years since you’ve spent any time here.”

“Natalia and I used to play around the castle a lot.” he admitted, almost sheepishly. Though saying the princess’ name aloud seemed to raise an alarm in his head. “…We won’t run into Natalia, will we?”

“She won’t be in the throne room for the confrontation; she’s actually over at the Manor trying to comfort Mother. Father will be there, though…” his face soured, and quickly. “Actually, since the group went to the manor first, she might accompany them back here… I’m not sure.”

“I don’t want to see her.”

“Don’t lie directly to my face, Asch. Believe me, she misses you as much as you miss her.”

“She had you-”

“I did a piss poor job at being you.” He cut Asch off. “She always hounded me for a promise that I never made and did everything that she could to ‘bring my memories back’. It was awful, for the both of us.” Luke turned and hurried off to the cellar’s stairs. “Now come on, we’re wasting time.”

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[AU] Decay


"It’s not going anywhere near them," Asch counters with a grunt. "I just need to vent it a little, keep things moving."

He might seem normal, but his insides are a slow, constant churn, and the idea of setting that completely still is unsettling. Like not being able to feel his own pulse, and that gets a bit of a chuckle out of him, one he doesn’t entirely clarify for Luke’s sake. “I guess death is closer to living than the rest of you.”

He needs the slow, internal motions, not entirely unlike the movement of blood or sap through a living thing’s veins; he needs to eat, for that weird value of eating. And, more than that, he’s so solid - he can’t sympathize at all with Luke’s feeling of nearly floating away, can’t even imagine it. If he got too relaxed he would, literally, be a pool on the floor.

"If that happens, just use me as a wind shelter. I think I’d be more solid than some rocks if I put my mind to it."

“Well, since you offered,” Luke couldn’t help but to chuckle at the thought, “I might just have to rely on you for that one day. But I think you’re right, I know that I don’t feel like I’m alive- this kind of sensation is completely different. And the other Six… they were never mortal so they wouldn’t have a point of reference, though I assume that since they’re also a large collection of fonons, that their existence is similar to mine in feeling.” He mused aloud, realizing that in the midst of that, he had floated away from his seat. Luke touched back down to the ground, taking a moment to lay onto his back amongst the flowers to stare upwards at the sky.

Rays of sunshine dripped through the atrium’s ceiling here and there as thick white clouds masked the sun every so often. The fonstone in the center of the room glinted brightly and sparkled. A gentle, slow breeze blew through, and for the first time in a long, long time, Luke felt truly happy. He was alright, there was no mission that needed to be complete, the world’s fate was not hanging in the balance, everyone he cared for was safe, and Asch was here at his side… 

He closed his eyes, and took a minute to just breathe. To let the clean air fill his lungs and reaffirm that this was real. If he could cry, he would have, but crying was something that humans did, and it had been a long time since he could call himself that.

“Let’s go to the beach.” he pulled himself back up into a sitting position, “Or skiing. Let’s do something that we never had the chance to do in life.”

[@Luke][AU] Deviations


He did let out a sigh after the glowing and the headache went away, rubbing his head. He had the feeling that could have gotten a lot worse. Thanks, he told his older self. I’m pretty sure that could have likely blown up half the ship or something…

He almost jumped when he heard Van right behind him, and he was glad he didn’t, at least for now. He still had to keep up appearances, after all. “I’m fine, just want to get back home,” he replied finally. He was glad to hear his voice was actually calm for once. “Mother’s probably worried sick.”

And expose you for the fraud you are, he added mentally, more to himself then the other two he was still connected with. …Why did I ever blindly follow him again?

"You seem more distant," Van added. "Do you not still trust me?"

No. “Of course I trust you, Master Van, I just want to get back home,” he told Van quickly, giving him a disarming grin, which, he was both glad and disgusted to see, had Van smiling back. At least he knew he was fooling Van, even though it disgusted him to do it.

"We’ll be back in Baticul soon, Luke," the Commandant told him, clapping a hand on his shoulder, to which Luke had to keep himself from tensing from, before he turned and left, the redhead sighing slightly once he was out of earshot.

…It seemed so strange, the fact that before he’d actually met up with his other self and their original he’d practically worshipped Van and glorified in his presence anytime he came near, and now that he knew the truth, even the mere presence of the man he once ‘worshipped’ utterly disgusted him to the point where he had to force himself not to avoid him outright for appearances.

At least the whole thing was going to be cleared up soon… although Luke did wonder how his older self was going to prove everything in front of their uncle and Mohs. All they had were their words, after all.

….Crisis averted. 

Luke was able to breathe out a deep sigh of relief and sink down onto his bed as Van left his other alone. He wasn’t entirely sure if Van truly bought that or not, but for now, things were sated and he wasn’t able to implant the trigger phase. This was good, this was definitely a step in the right direction. ‘Good job,’ he threw out into their mental link, ‘you did a really good job there. Just try and keep things as smooth as possible for just a little while longer.’

Late into the next morning, the ferry sailed into Baticul’s harbor, docking to the far righthand side. Passengers slowly poured off of the ship and into the port, however two stowaways waited until a specific group departed before daring to set foot ashore. Once the coast was clear, they dashed off, sticking to the shadows and alleyways as they navigated through the maze that was Baticul’s slums. “I never thought that I would be back here…” Asch grumbled under his breath as they boarded onto an air train car. As the gears began to whir and they were lifted up into the air, his grip on the railings tightened.

“As… rude as this may sound, we don’t have time for you to wallow.” Asch shot a glare at him over his shoulder. “They’ll be confronting the King and Mohs very soon.” As much as Asch hated to admit it, but… Luke was right.

“What’s your plan, then?”

“We break into the castle dungeons.” That certainly caught Asch’s attention. “Upon arrival, General Cecille took Van prisoner. We bust him out.”

“…Excuse me?” 

“You heard me.”

“Why on Auldrant would we want to break him out of his jail cell?”

“Van, Mohs, and his Majesty are all under one roof together. Think about that for a moment.” he paused, giving the God-General a few seconds of contemplation. “Mohs is conspiring to incite war under false pretenses, and Van not only kidnapped you and committed illegal human experiments, he is also plotting to destroy not just Akzeriuth, but the rest of the Outerlands. We can bring both of their transgressions into light in front of his majesty at the same time, as well as stop his Majesty from ordering the other me to blindly march to his death at Akzeriuth. This kind of opportunity will not present itself again. We have to act now.”

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[AU] Decay


"You’re too much of a distraction anyway," Asch quips in return, thinking of how easily his attention can be diverted by any significant amount of the Seventh Fonon. "I’m learning to deal with it. The first month or so might not have been so easy, but…"

He exhales, a bit of the poison gas leaving on his breath, although it settles back onto his chest before it needs to be purified. “It’s more like being a child again than anything. I can’t keep up with my own thoughts, sometimes, and I still get tripped up by my own body.” Of course, the thoughts that surprise him now are darker than any he might have had as a child, but he doesn’t say as much to Luke. There’s no reason to worry him.

(No reason to say that it’s Luke’s pain that stops them from touching, even if it is smaller, because a part of Asch revels in it. No reason to confess that there are times lately that he scares himself.)

“I’m not that big of a distraction, am I?” Luke asked with a slight pout. It was understandable, given the nature of the miasma from what he understood. Its instincts were now a part of Asch’s very being, of course he would react in such a manner around him. “That’s a shame-” His train of thought was derailed as he sensed more miasma.  Luke shot Asch a glare the moment the purple smoke became visible, and was prepared to eradicate it only for it to cling to Asch’s body instead. He sighed, lowering his hand as he was not very amused by his antics. If he had eradicated it that close to Asch’s body, he ran the risk of neutralizing him entirely. 

“No smoking in here. You’ll kill my flowers.” he grumbled, shaking his head. Though the talk of being a child again did bring Luke back into a mode of discussion.

“I remember that all too well,” he cocked his head to the side as a far off memory replayed itself in his head, “learning to walk was trying, for myself and for Guy. But I’ve been like this for two and a half years, so I’ve had a longer period to adjust. I’m sure how our bodies are now are vastly different despite looking the same. Being pure seventh fonons is… light.” He began to hover away from his seat, “I feel light and airy, like a good breeze would be enough to blow me apart forever. Remind me not to anger Sylph any time soon.”

[AU] Decay


That comment gets a snort. “Plenty of things scare me. Being unable to move. Dark spaces lit only by green lights.” Luke can probably guess the theme, there. “Most of them are things that… don’t really apply anymore, and I’ve gotten good at hiding it when I am afraid.”

It’s not something he particularly likes talking about - Luke is the first person he’s ever told about it, ever. He understands keenly what it feels like to have something that sends you into a panic no matter what, it’s just that his is a bit less likely to happen.

"…You could have visited any time, you know." Admittedly he might have just found an empty puddle of muck if Asch was out hunting, but still. "I was serious when I said you’re the only person welcome in my space."

He winced as Asch listed off his fears, knowing all too well the scenery of Choral Castle illuminated by the glow of the fomicry machine. He had seen it in person back in their lifetime, and he could see it in the score, from days before his time. At the very least, that machine was inoperable thanks to Asch’s… redecoration. Though despite the small resurgence of guilt, Luke found himself to be more surprised that Asch was…. willingly volunteering this information to him. Before, he never would have given out anything that would have made him look weak, so this had to be some symbol of trust.

First the ‘welcome any time to my lair’, then the comments about physical contact and now this. Their relationship really was evolving, and that made his heart swell with joy. A rather warm smile came to his face as he pulled his knees up to his chest. “I wanted to give you adequate time to rest and recover your strength.” he closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around his legs. “You probably would have complained that I was pestering you too much, ‘too big a distraction for you to focus properly’.” he jested lightheartedly.

[@Luke][AU] Deviations


Luke played his part well while Van was there, despite his shoulders being tensed up the entire time and feeling like he wanted to empty the contents of his last meal over the side of the ship, although when the Commandant left, the younger Luke let out a mental sigh of relief that the other two that shared said link, since he hadn’t broken it, probably caught.

Try not to be too loud, you two, he told them, glad he was in the back room closest to them. If I can hear you, the others might too.

I know that, dreck, came Asch’s retort, although it sounded irritated, the younger replica kind of brushing it off a bit—he figured from his older self’s reactions that Asch was like that most of the time anyway—and kept out of the way for the most part, although he still tensed slightly when Van walked past him.

He got his chance to relax a bit when the ferry set sail, heading out to talk to everyone and having gotten a chance to get some time to himself up front, for a few minutes, anyway, until he felt one of his headaches coming on, although it didn’t hurt as badly as before, along with a voice he didn’t recognize echoing in his head.

Wh—what the hell is going on?! Luke not quite yelled mentally, almost in a panic as his body started glowing, not fading after a minute like it had before, instead getting more intense.

‘At last, I have reached you.’

A familiar tune echoed lightly in his ears before his eyes widened, and he realized his folly. Asch grimaced, hands rushing to his temples as Lorelei’s presence forced itself onto their collective consciousness.

‘Show me your power, the same that is mine.’

“Damnit, Lorelei…” Luke closed his eyes and retreated to their shared mental space, seeing the godlike being attempting to manipulate and control his counterpart. He snarled, forcing himself between the two of them to act as a physical barrier. He had gone through enough to be immune to most of Lorelei’s tricks, his other however… 

He allowed for Lorelei to impose upon his consciousness, feeling the being trying to summon forth a powerful hyperesonnance- a display of power, most likely out of selfish pride or morbid curiosity (did Lorelei not care who might get hurt by this?). 

Asch opened his eyes to see Luke allowing its power to flourish for a few moments, before he subdued it entirely and released the seventh fonons back into the area. The fonic sentience’s presence began to fade, and he was finally able to relax.

“You want to tell me what the hell that was?!” Asch damn near shouted as Luke narrowed his gaze.

“Lorelei is… invasive at times. If it had gotten its way, the other me would have set off a hyperesonnance that would destroy part of the deck. Van would then come and implant a trigger phrase to set off ano-” 


Van had been watching, ready to pounce when the boy’s power would have gone out of control. He could sense the shift in fonons, prepared to intervene and further grasp the boy’s trust, but it never happened…? The flux in power died down, and quickly. 


He walked over to Luke’s side on the deck and quirked his brow at the boy. “Another headache?” he asked, only to be received by silence. He then frowned, and gave the boy a rather scornful look. “You’ve been acting odd ever since Choral Castle. Tense and nervous. Are you alright?”

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[@Luke][AU] Deviations


The younger Luke gave his older self a grin and a nod in response, waiting until he was out of sight to let the grin vanish from his face into the usual mostly angry expression he usually wore, or at least he had been wearing till the other two explained everything. The idea that he still had to fawn over Van till they got back to Baticul made him want to crinkle his nose in disgust, but it was about that point there were footsteps heading his way, and, thinking quickly, put a hand on his head, looking like he’d just woken up.

"….Ugh, stupid birds…" Remembering Ion had been taken by another one of those bird creatures, having caught a glimpse of green when he’d been snatched up, he looked around. "Where’s Ion?"

Guy shook his head. “We haven’t seen him since he was picked up by that bird. Are you okay?”

"No thanks to you guys," he grumbled, hating that he said it at the same time, but he had to keep up appearances. He already felt a few glares on him. "Let’s get the lead engineer and get outta here. This place gives me the creeps."

Wait…. that would mean having to go back up the stairs to the top floor again. Well, at least it’ll be easier this time.

And if Van was really going to show up again, it was going to take a lot to keep from glaring at him…

They made their way back upstairs to the roof, encountering Arietta again and defeated her, just before Van showed up, like the other Luke had said.

When all was said and done, things had worked out exactly as the older Luke had said. Van arrived, Arietta had been defeated by the group and then apprehended, and then everyone had been escorted back to the Kaitzur naval port by coach. The chief engineer (after being checked for any injuries) went straight to work on the ferry’s repairs and cheerfully informed everyone that service would resume the next day. 

Van had excused himself from the party to speak with Count Almandine about Arietta’s transgressions shortly upon arrival, but did implore the group to come by later to the meeting hall before leaving.

“Man, Gloomietta made us do all of that extra work… but Luke was sure heroic~” Anise chimed happily with a small laugh before Tear scoffed.

“As I recall, he let himself get kidnapped.”

“Hey now, don’t be too hard on him.” Guy interjected, “Let’s go rest up at the guest house for a bit before going to see the Count. I’m sure Ion would appreciate the rest.” their collective gazes shifted over to the Fon Master who did in fact look a bit winded after that exertion. Ion gave Guy an appreciative look, nodding slowly.

“If it isn’t too much trouble-” Anise stuck her hand up to cut the boy off.

“It’s never too much trouble, Ion. You need your rest. Let’s go!”

With the group now out of the way and safely within the guest bunker, the older Luke looked around the base uneasily from the shadows of one of the bunkers. In the past, all he had to do was just ride the damn ferry when it was fully repaired, but now…

“It’s too risky.” Asch crossed his arms with a sneer, “And it would never work. That’s an enclosed a space, you’re bound to run into them.”

“I don’t really have a choice, we need to get to Baticul and that ferry is our only way there. I don’t think Arietta will be lending out Gryphons any time soon-”

“We?” Asch quirked a brow. “I’m not going back to that Hod forsaken city, and you should know why.”

“Cut the melodramatics. If you want to stop Van’s plan then you’re going to have to be there. I can only do so much on my own and as much as it physically pains me to say this, I need your help.” Asch went silent. “And in order to get there, we need to get on the ferry, and hide out until it docks.” The God-General still looked dubious about all of this, “Trust me, Dist shows up and keeps everyone nicely occupied on the deck for the duration of the trip.”

“I don’t like where this is going.”

“Good news, you don’t have to.” He patted Asch on the back. “Now let’s go before the group comes back out.”

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